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Resolution test target

Resolution test target

Name: Resolution test target

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A USAF resolution test chart is a microscopic optical resolution test device originally defined by the U.S. Air Force MIL-STDA standard of The design provides numerous small target shapes exhibiting a stepped. Test Targets Identify Resolution of an Imaging System. Thorlabs offers resolution test targets with USAF, NBS , and NBS A patterns. Many of our resolution test targets are available with positive and negative patterns. Resolution Test Targets used to measure the accuracy or performance of an imaging system in microscopy or imaging systems are available at Edmund Optics.

Resolution test targets are designed to quantitatively test optical system performance as well as provide length calibration for microscopy. These targets consist. Resolution features of the USAF Resolution Chart are arranged in elements and groups. Each Element is made up of equally spaced. High Resolution Imaging A resolution test pattern is, as the name implies, a tool for measuring the resolving KB.

USAF test charts (also called USAF test targets) get their name from That's the so-called object side resolution, as obviously details of this size on. Resolution Test Targets ideal for measuring the accuracy or performance of an imaging system in microscopy or imaging applications are available at Edmund. A variety of test targets exist to help characterize resolution, contrast, modulation transfer function (MTF), depth of field (DOF), and distortion in an imaging system .


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